Mep Sawing Machines

MEP Sawing Machines

Rather than simply considering capacity and price, smart business owners think a little more strategically about their investments in plant and equipment. After all, their business will most likely rely on this machine for at least the next decade.

Firstly is reliability and availability of spare parts. You need a machine that is well designed, well built and you need to know that if and when it does break down that you can get parts and service. MEP sawing machines have been sold in Australia by Power Machinery for over 30 years, they are innovative and yet extremely robust. Parts for even the oldest machines are still available overnight from our Sydney warehouse.

Secondly is accuracy. Straight cuts mean less time wasted on secondary operations such as machining or filling in gaps with extra weld. The other unfortunate effect of €œout of square cuts€ is blade life. When your saw starts cutting out of square the blade scrubs out on one side and pretty soon you are wasting more time and money replacing the blade. MEP saws feature full cast iron bows with no distortion even under extremely high band tensions (900kg+). This combined with good quality blades and patented carbide blade guides guarantees straight cutting.

Finally you should consider safety, ergonomics and operational features. Most cheaper saws, particularly those from China have little consideration to safety and controls and adjustments tend to be clumsy. MEP saws lead the world in safety protection from their low voltage wiring systems, to interlocked screens, large bases capturing all coolant even when mitering to smart operational software.

MEP design brings the latest technological benefits to the operator at the touch of their fingertips. This is why MEP has over 1,300 happy installations Australia wide.