MEP Shark Bandsaw 281 CCS: capacity 280 x 200mm

SHARK 281 is a manual bandsaw metal cutting machine that can cut from 0º to 60º left.



SHARK 281 is a manual bandsaw metal cutting machine that can cut from 0º to 60º left. This model is available in the manual version or with the Cut Control System (CCS). We usually only stock the CCS version. With the CCS the sawing machine can make single cuts without operator, using the head weight controlled by a spring and a hydraulic brake.

We can offer the machine in a MA version, this means it includes a pneumatic vice that that opens and closes by means of a manually operated valve (or by means of a foot pedal which is optional).


Machine Type Bandsaw
Operation Manual with Cut Control
Brand MEP
Model Shark 281CCS
Country of Origin Italy


Blade Diameter 2950 x 27 x 0.9mm
Motor Power 1.8kW
Speeds (m/min) 36/72
Max Vice Opening 285mm
Capacity at 0 degrees Round 250mm
Square 230mm
Rectangular 280 x 200mm
Capacity at 45 degrees Round 190mm
Square 180mm
Rectangular 180 x 180mm
Capacity at 60 degrees Round 120mm
Square 110mm
Rectangular 110 x 110mm
Machine weight 370kg
Dimensions (assembled) 1880 x 800mm


  • Full cast iron bow that is capable of withstanding extremely high band tensions without deforming.
  • Tungsten Carbide Blade guides perfectly shaped to provide support and guidance for blade.
  • The electrical panel meets all European and Australian standards (wiring is totally identifiable, stand-by, loose-key safety switch, main switch, pole change switch, emergency stop, motor magneto-thermal overload, minimum tension coil, protection against missing phase, low tension safety device (LTSD 24 V).- it includes IP55 control handle.
  • Vice with fast clamping device.
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge so you can see band tension.
  • Electric pump for band lubrication and cooling.
  • Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
  • Double head return spring.
  • Adjustable lengths stop to make cuts of the same length with scaled steel rod.
  • Stock support arm on in feed side with roller. Ready to mount loading tables.
  • Bi-metal band suitable for solids and sections.
  • Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.