MEP Shark Bandsaw 282 NC 5.0: capacity 280 x 220mm


SHARK 282 NC 5.0 is an electro-hydraulic automatic band sawing machine, which can also operate in semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual mode.

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SHARK 282 NC 5.0 is an electro-hydraulic automatic band sawing machine, which can also operate in semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic and manual mode. The Shark 282 NC evo is a machine with controlled double axis multi microprocessor with the latest generation of controllers for automatic sawing machines, designed by MEP. Programmed with an automatic cycle (to cut from 0º to 60º left): CNC machine with controlled double axis so as to obtain, on the same bar, 1000 different lots, each of different lengths and quantities.

The semi-automatic, semi-automatic/dynamic cycle involves lowering the head manually, so as to position it just above the material, the semi-automatic cycle starts by pressing the trigger switch on the handle. The manual or semi-automatic/dynamic cutting cycles are free of any parameters, for the execution of odd cuts.


Machine Type Bandsaw
Operation Semi Automatic
Brand MEP
Model Shark 282 NC 5.0
Country of Origin Italy


Blade Length 2950 x 27 x 0.9mm
Motor Power 2.2kW
Speeds (m/min) 15/100
Max Vice Opening 285mm
Capacity at 0 degrees Round 250mm
Square 220mm
Rectangular 280 x 220mm
Capacity at 45 degrees Round 230mm
Square 200mm
Rectangular 220 x 200mm
Capacity at 60 degrees Round 120mm
Square 80mm
Rectangular 140 x 80mm
Machine weight 990kg
Dimensions (assembled) 2500 x 2230mm


  • NEW protections for the operators safety.
  • Console with all centralized controls, installed on an articulated arm to follow the operator in every operating position for the controls and the emergency.
  • Field bus control system (MODBUS protocol) with double microprocessor with serial connection.
  • Display: 20 characters read on four lines so as to visualize technological parameters, such as: – band speed, number of cuts programmed and carried out, band thickness, length fed in each stroke, cutting time, amperometer, band tensioning, diagnostics and/or caution messages (more than 100) visualized.
  • Visualization and registration of alarms and events with the possibility to visualize the story of occurred events.
  • Electronic inverter for the continuous adjustment of the band speed from 15 to 100m/min.
  • Latest generation hydraulic control unit, with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Bar feeder with recirculating balls screw/nut and stepper motor (feed in length in one stroke 600mm, that can be repeated in order to cut to any length).
  • The headstroke, according to the dimensions of the material which has to be cut, is set directly from the control panel.
    Electronic transducer to visualize band tensioning.
  • Automatic adaptive shearing stress control system with servovalve mounted directly on the cylinder.
  • Coolant tank inside the steel base with two electric pumps so as to lube-refrigerate band. The drawer to collect chips can be replaced with a motorized chip evacuator.
  • Preset to be equipped with the spray mist system (OPTIONAL), as well as with the standard-delivered traditional lubrication with emulsible oil.
  • Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
  • Machine arranged for handling with movement equipment.
  • Bi-metal bands for solids and sections.
  • Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.